Referendum Blues

Michael Chanan Like many other socialists, I have had strong doubts about whether the EU is capable of the reforms that would be needed to shake off the shackles of its disastrous neoliberal policies, especially after two visits to Greece … Read More

Down there in Buenos Aires

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Arriving in Buenos Aires the day after the Labour Party leadership election results were declared, I was impressed to discover that practically everyone I talked to during the ensuing week—whether economist, sociologist, journalist, workman or community activist—already knew Jeremy Corbyn’s … Read More

Crisis and the mediation of hope

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ECONOMIC crises are curious situations. They are tipping points, moments in which a situation may go any way – for better or for worse. Normalcy is shattered, truths questioned, institutions delegitimised and alternatives proposed. They are moments that shake the … Read More

Starting ‘Money Puzzles’

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  The thought can hardly be original, but visiting the Acropolis during a recent trip to Athens, I couldn’t help but see it as a symbol of the condition of Greece: under renovation, but work currently suspended. At the end … Read More

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