Dr Lee Salter is a lecturer in media and communications. He has taught and researched at a variety of institutions, including the University of the West of England, University of Verona and Royal Holloway.

He leads the modules News, Politics and Power and Media, Publics and Protest, leads modules on the MA Journalism and supervises PhD students. Lee researches a variety areas including conflict and the media, new technologies and media analysis. He is also a film-maker, most recently having released The Fourth Estate, a feature documentary about the media business; the history, the practices, and the people who run it, as well as the award winning Secret City (dir.Michael Chanan), about the City of London, the Corporation that runs it, and its role in the economic crisis. Money Puzzles is the sequel to this documentary.

His most recent book is Digital Journalism, described by Paul Bradshaw as ‘The most comprehensive book I’ve read on the issues facing online journalism in the UK.’

Lee’s research spans a range of areas, including social and political theory (focusing on Habermas and MacIntyre), journalism practice, protest, conflict and the media, power and new media, coverage of international affairs (focusing on Venezuela), digital journalism and the media industries, media law and ethics, and media representations (including of the cuts agenda, war and conflict).


Michael Chanan

Michael Chanan

Photo: Alvaro Minguito

Michael Chanan is a seasoned documentarist, writer and Professor of Film & Video at the University of Roehampton, London. His first films were documentaries on contemporary music for BBC Television in the early 1970s. After a stint teaching film at the then Polytechnic of Central London, he made a number of documentaries on Latin American subjects, mainly for Channel Four. He returned to teaching in the 90s, first in the film school at the then London College of Printing (1990-2000), then as Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of the West of England until moving to Roehampton in 2007. His books include studies of early cinema, Cuban cinema, the social history of music, the history of recording, and most recently, ‘The Politics of Documentary’. He writes extensively on Latin American film and video and other current topics.

His films over the last fifteen years have mostly been academically funded, including ‘Detroit Ruin of a City’ (2005), ‘The American Who Electrified Russia’ (2008). In 2011 he became the New Statesman’s first video blogger, resulting in ‘Chronicle of Protest’ (2011). This was followed by ‘Secret City’ (2012) and ‘Interrupted Memory’ (2013).

Many of his short writings and films can be found on his website and he blogs at Putney Debater.



Lee Salter

Lee Salter

Lee Salter is a sociologist, political theorist and film maker. Much of his research looks at activism and media power, which he applies to his current video activism.

He has published widely in academic journals in topics from the Bolivarian Revolution to the performance of web standards bodies.

He collaborated with Michael Chanan to make Secret City, and most recently he directed the zero-budget documentary The Fourth Estate.