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Money Puzzles is about money and debt, austerity and solidarity, and alternative economics. Filmed in 2015 in the UK, Greece, Spain, Belgium and Argentina, with contributors ranging from children in the first to two erstwhile Ministers of Economy in the last, it questions the myriad forms of money in modern times, exploding the ideological myths of money and debt and how they constrain our thoughts about changing the system. It presents the crushing effects of austerity and the neoliberal agenda of finance capitalism which holds Europe in its grip, and reports on grassroots solidarity networks and ground-level anti-austerity initiatives which aim to construct an alternative social economics.
      The film unfolds a historically informed map of the way neoliberal capitalism works: how money is created by banks, the links between money and debt, the invention of new financial instruments like derivatives, the shadow banking system, the function of tax havens. Set against this, the solidarity networks and social movements offer alternative ways of thinking about money, including complementary currencies, and especially the worldwide movement for citizens debt audits and the repudiation of illegitimate debt. By all indicators we are running out of time to address the catastrophic problems facing our world, and we must solve the money puzzle before it is too late.
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